I love creating software!

The combination of problem solving and creativity involved in writing software has been my passion since I was thirteen. Typically I like to solve practical problems, but also enjoy the simple joy of solving any problem both technical and social. I find I have a good amount of talent in leading and managing teams as well. When I am done at work I love to spend time outdoors skiing, climbing, mountain biking, scrambling, hunting, and fishing. In quiet moments I often think about what it all means.


  • Herman's Gulch

  • Pacific Peak

  • Flatiron Summer

  • Colorado mountain biking

  • Castle Peak

Architecture Update

We made great strides in updating the architecture of our CPC product. By introducing NServiceBus we separated the system into three bounded context. We also upgraded to MVC 5 and introduced AngularJS into the affiliate portal.

Dynamic Form

Current form is database driven which allows a fast test and modification cycle, but can hinder load times. We have a new design which will allow changes without engineer involvement and will be published as a static site.

Pacific Peak

Met a goat