Hunt 2015

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Mountaineering 2015

Castle Peak

Castle Peak

Pacific Peak

Pacific Peak

Herman's Gulch

Herman's Gulch


Hunt 2014

In 2014 I hunted for five weekends in a row! I did get my buck and my mom got her first deer. My buddies also harvested three elk. Lots of good hunts and my mom got her first deer.

It all started the weekend before second season. Dave and I decided to do a little scouting in unit 33 in prep for my buck hunt the following week. He showed me several good areas around Rifle Gap Reservoir and Harvey Gap. There was the hogback, smoke mountain, horse mountain, and Keller mesa. Opening morning we hunted the hogback but saw no deer. Sunday morning we went up behind the mine and saw several does and two small bucks. I was 600 yards away so started working my way down to the deer. Soon after I saw another hunter working his way up the trail unaware of the deer. He messed up my hunt but the deer went onto private ground anyway so no harm done. That afternoon we went atving behind the golf course but the area didn't look promising, so for the evening hunt I went back behind the mine. I built a nice ground blind near the watering pond and waited until dark but my deer never appeared.

Mountaineering 2014

This year I checked off my two bucket list climbs: The Grand Traverse and Lone Eagle Peak.

Grand Traverse

The Grand Traverse is supremely rugged and remote but not as technical as I expected.

Lone Eagle

Lone Eagle Peak is definitely a classic Colorado climb that must be top 10 for any and all who love to scramble.